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Саунд модул/плейър KETRON MidJay Plus

PANEL Alpha Dial, 8 Volume slider controls, 40 direct easy access tabs,display contrast control.
DISPLAY LCD 320x240 backlit.
WAVETABLE Over 380 Voices, 32 Drum Sets, 66 Live Drums. GM standard.
DISK 80Gb internal hard disk. 3,5 2DD/HD internal floppy disk.
VIDEO  Video Interface with RGB monitor Out
USB 2 x Midi File, 2 x Wave, MP3 (MPEG 2 Layer 2/3 audio). Play list.
PLAYER 2 x Midi File, 2 x Wave, MP3 (MPEG 2 Layer 2/3 audio). Play list.
Automatic song chain, karaoke and txt. Numerical & alphabetical
search, long file names, advanced editing, drum mixer. Full
compatibility with SD1, SD1 Plus and XD Series. Intelligent
transposer. 16 Markers, lead voice mute (vocal remove), loop,
wave to midi file link. Bass/Treble equalization on MP3.
Copy, Move, Rename, Delete and New Folder functions.
DISK FUNCTION Copy, Move, Rename, Delete and New Folder functions.
HARD DISK RECORDING  1 stereo track on Wave format, with music and microphone.
DJ LOOPS & GROOVES Over 100 traditional acoustic and electronic drum loops,
backgrounds (stereo wave 44 Kz / 16 bit), Dj loops (afro, dance,
chill out, lounge).
ARRANGER Over 140 styles. Intro, 4 variations, fill, break, ending with riff and
drum remix function.
SPECIAL EFFECTS (SFX) 200 hi-quality Sound Ef fects.
HD BONUS SONG LIBRARY International hits, instrumental and evergreen. Italian dancing
orchestras (wave and midi files).
MICROPHONE  Gain, Volume and Tone control. Reverb and Echo-Delay effects.
Solo Talk.
VOCALIZER  3 voice vocalizer unit (optional).
MIDI   In, Out, Thru.
OUTPUT Left/Mono & Right, micro, RGB (for video). Metronome Click.
Footswitch (optional).
INPUT Line In Left & Right. Headphone. Microphone.
POWER External Power supply adaptor 5V DC.
WEIGHT 3.2 Kg. - 7 lbs.


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