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Басова тонколона DYNACORD SUB 112

12'' Passive Subwoofer, 800 W, 8 Ohm 

DYNACORD's SUB 112 is a vented, direct radiating cabinet, equipped with the high-power DYNACORD DND12S400 neodymium transducer. The conical vent system shows significantly less distortion and lower air noise at low frequencies than common circular vent openings. 
The SUB 112 contains a passive filter, 6 dB/oct., that suppresses high frequencies. Appropriate fullrange cabinets, e.g. DYNACORD’s D 8 can therefore be directly connected in parallel to the SUB 112 if an extended bass reproduction is required. You just have to connect the SUB 112 and the D 8 with a regular Speakon cable in parallel. 
The SUB 112 cabinet is made of 15mm birch plywood. All corner joints and braces are grooved and glued. The cabinet's surface is painted with a 2-K laquer finish . The acoustic foam front on a powder coated steel grille protects the DND12S400 woofer against damage during transport and bad environmental conditions. The connector panel uses two 4-pole Speakon connectors (INPUT/THRU) for a safe connection and easy daisy-chaining to other cabinets. The pin assignment is 1+/1-. Pins 2+ and 2- are also connected between the two Speakon connectors. A pole-mount flange allows easy speaker-on-a-stick applications. Please always take care that every speaker stack has been mechanically secured against accidental falling down. Please always consult a certified structural engineer for correct and safe setup methods. 
The cabinet is equipped with four large rubber feet. Two handles allow easy and safe transport. A protective cover is available as an optional accessory. 

Nominal impedance: 8 Ohms 
Rated power RMS: 400 Watts 
Program power: 800 Watts 
Peak power: 1600 Watts 
SPL 2,83 V / 1m 1 W / 8 Ohm: 92 dB 
Max. SPL 1m (calculated with peak power): 124 dB 
Frequency range ( -10dB ): 43Hz - 350Hz 
Passive crossover frequency: 124 Hz 
Dimensions (WxHxD) mm: 445 x 380 x 445 mm 
Net weight: 20 kg 
Enclosure material: Birch Plywood

Вид тон колона: Басова (Subwoofer)
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