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Начало Клавири / ПианаСаунд модулиСемплер Juzisound Total SOLO Sampler 2

Семплер Juzisound Total SOLO Sampler 2

Ново поколение семплер, специално създаден за свирене на етно соло звуци. Огромен избор от бленди използвани в балканската музика. Устройството е много полезно и за музиканти от Гърция, Турция, Арабския полуостров и близкия изток. Ако свирите такъв стил музика, това е най-добрият саунд модул за вас.

New generation of sampler device, again specialized for playing ethno solo sounds. This new device is specially created to use in East European Balkan regions. Also is very useful for musicians from Turkey, Greece, Arab or Middle East regions. If you play that kind of music, this device is best for you!


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Цена:1 850.00лв.
Семплер Juzisound Total SOLO Sampler Семплер Juzisound Total SOLO Sampler Семплер Juzisound Total SOLO Sampler Семплер Juzisound Total SOLO Sampler Семплер Juzisound Total SOLO Sampler Семплер Juzisound Total SOLO Sampler


Frequency 399.360 MHz


Digital Audio Processing:

32 bit / float


Sample Rate:

48 kHz


Wave memory:

Unlimited – depending on the size of SD card used


SD Card slot:

SD Cards 2.7–3.6V Push/Pull


Supported SD cards:

All models 16MB – 128GB


Audio file format:

WAV / 48000Hz / 16 bit / Mono or Stereo


Sampling method:

Full Length – entire length of the sample Not use Loop Point Single WAV file for each note



10 000 multisamples in a bank 20 multisamples for every program


Multisample files:

128 WAV files, single file for each note


Maximum polyphony:

Total 64 Voices* 
*16 mono or 8 stereo voices for Uppers,(depends on the mode of the oscillator) + 48 mono voices from Help Synth.


Oscillator mode:

Normal POLY, Bass MODE, Mono RETRIG, Mono LEGATO, Mono+PRT CZ, Mono+PRT DX, Ac Bouzouki, LPC Gibson, Ethno Bouzouki*, Mono+PRT KG, MonoPRT JS1, MonoPRT JS2, StradivariV, Kempa GROUP*, Strad Vio 2, JS TenorSax, JS Alt Sax, JS Clarinet, JS Bouzouki, JS Turkish Oud*, JS Ethno Violin*. 
* new for sampler 2



10 000 sounds for one bank


Presets / Combinations:

10 000 preset/combinations for one bank


Scale / comma:

Resolution +/- 16 units per semitone One USER scale for each preset, plus 6 separate programmable global scales with option for instant recall at any time. There is ability to control the scales via MIDI directly from a synthesizer (with Sysex messages).



13 presets for terca plus modes for scanning tercas. Ability for terca with a timbre, that differs from the basic timbre. There is a possibility to control the tercas via MIDI directly from a synthesizer (with CC12 and CC13).



4 Insert effects for every upper + 3 band EQ + 2 master effects.



Texas Instruments PCM1791A Sampling frequency 48 kHz Audio data 32bit


Operational amplifiers:



Master volume:

Digitally controlled, ALPS potentiometer


Audio outs:

4 separate mono 1/4 TRS connectors,
mono, unbalanced, rear panel
Impedance 140 Ω
Signal-to-noise ratio 112 dB
Stereo crosstalk < -80 dBu/1 kHz
Maximum output level +20 dBu


MIDI interface:

2 x Standard 5-pin DIN connectors 
One is always MIDI IN, ungrounded through opto-isolator Seccond is freely configured as MIDI In2, MIDI OUT or MIDI THRU


USB interface:

1 x USB HOST connectors 
Accept Mass Storage Device or MIDI Host devices


Remap of note velocity:

Yes, using 16 different velocity curves, plus the limitation and mixing of 2 curves.


Remap of note velocity:

Yes, using 16 different velocity curves, plus the limitation and mixing of 2 curves.


MIDI Analyzer:

Yes, shows the 6 most recent MIDI events


Sysex Analyzer:

Yes, shows up to 128 Sysex bytes


Input for Analog Controller:

3.5mm stereo jack Software configuration of the power pins Power +5V Direct current (DC) Short circuit protection Input signal level from 0 to +5V Software controlled Pull Up resistor 2.2 kOhm Hardware analog amplifier with software-controlled GAIN and OFFSET


MIDI converter from Analog IN:

Ability to generate up to 3 different MIDI messages simultaneously, each with independent parameters. Send up to 3 different MIDI channels simultaneously. Messages are sent via MIDI OUT.


Ability to power external devices:

(Through the EXTENSION port)
+5V / 300 mA
+3.3V / 100 mA



320 x 240 pixels color display with LED backlight and capacetive Touch Screen


LED Indicators:

MIDI In1, MIDI In2, Audio CLIP, SD card, Breath Controoler, Scala Status, Scala HOLD, Terca status, Terca HOLD, Terca Special Note, Transpose UP, Transpose Down, LIST Mode Status


Package contents:

Sampler, 64GB SD Card, power adapter, MIDI cable, Warranty Card, Quick Start


Optional items (sold separately):

Breath Controller (Analog Version), second MIDI cable


Operating conditions:

Temperature from 0° to 40° C
Humidity < 90 %


Power Supply Adapter:

Input: AC 90V to 240 Volts / 50-60Hz 
Output: 24V DC, 0.500A, Center +


Build-in fuse:



Power consumption:

<12 W



Standard Juzisound LIFE TIME warranty!* More...



147 x 129 x 57 mm



1.000 kg


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