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Начало ОзвучаванеСмесителни ПултовеСмесителен пулт DYNACORD CMS 600-3

Смесителен пулт DYNACORD CMS 600-3

  • Смесителен пулт DYNACORD CMS 600-3

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Смесителен пулт DYNACORD CMS 600-3
Смесителен пулт DYNACORD CMS 600-3Смесителен пулт DYNACORD CMS 600-3Смесителен пулт DYNACORD CMS 600-3Смесителен пулт DYNACORD CMS 600-3

Thanks to its impressive feature set and versatility, the CMS 600-3 mixer is the ideal choice for all professional applications in which few channels, yet high audio quality, are required. 

Being light and compact, it poses no transport problems. The CMS 600-3 mixer is also especially well suited to fixed installation. 

Performance without compromise: 

  • first-class components (e.g. faders and potentiometers from ALPS) 
  • an intuitive, user-friendly mixer section 
  • two editable digital effects devices – each with 100 presets and 20 user memories 
  • a professional 4xIN / 4xOUT digital interface (USB) to connect a PC or Mac 
  • a stereo equalizer for the main mix 
  • a large, contrast-rich OLED display 

The mixer section 
The distinctive feature of the mixer section is the 4+4 channel configuration. In addition to the classic six mono + two stereo analogue inputs, the CMS boasts two stereo digital inputs via USB. These inputs – when occupied – are automatically routed to channels 5-6 and 7-8. 
This means four fully-featured stereo channels are available – a fact that will particularly please DJs. 

8 channel strips comprising: 

  • 4 mic/line input channels 
  • 2 mic/stereo USB ("super") channels 
  • 2 stereo line channels 


  • Channels (Mono + Stereo): 4 +2 + 2 
  • Auxiliarys (AUX, MON): Pre/Post switchable, Pre 
  • Power Consumption, at 1/8 maximum output power, 4 Ohms: 35 W 
  • Net Weight: 5.8 kg 
  • Dimensions (W x H x D), mm 416.9 x 109.6 x 347.8 

Optional Accessories: 

  • RMK-600-3 Rack Mount Kit 
  • FS 11 Footswitch with LED 
  • Carrying Bag 


  • Попълнете формуляра по-долу, за да кандидатствате за ОНЛАЙН КРЕДИТ.
  • Финансирането е валидно за стоки над 150 лв. (до 12 000 лв.)



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