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Начало ОзвучаванеСмесителни ПултовеСмесителен пулт DYNACORD CMS 1600-3

Смесителен пулт DYNACORD CMS 1600-3

  • Смесителен пулт DYNACORD CMS 1600-3
Цена: 3 760.00лв.

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Смесителен пулт DYNACORD CMS 1600-3
Смесителен пулт DYNACORD CMS 1600-3

12 Mic/Line + 4 Mic/Stereo Line Channels, 6 x AUX, Dual 24 bit Stereo Effects, USB-Audio Interface 

MIC/LINE Input Channels 
The XLR microphone input is equipped with an extremely high quality, ultra-low noise, discrete preamp. 
The +48V phantom power for condenser microphones can be switched in groups of six.
The Line Input and Channel Insert are implemented as jack sockets. 
The Gain can be controlled in the range 0-60 dB. 
The switchable Lo Cut filter (80Hz, 18dB/oct.) serves to eliminate low-frequency noise. A very typical DYNACORD feature is the asymmetrical Voicing Filter by means of which, if desired, the voice can be powerfully emphasized in the mix. 

+ Stereo MIC/LINE Input Channels 
+ 11-band stereo equalizer 
The USB 2.0 port serves as a digital audio interface between the CMS3 and a PC or Mac. Four channels can be transmitted in either direction simultaneously. This interface can therefore be used either for the input of audio signals (e.g. for playback or interval music) or else for live- or studio-recording applications. It is configured by selecting the relevant setting in the menu. 
For the use of the CMS3 with a PC or Mac, a free Cubase LE license as well as the requisite USB drivers are included free-of-charge on the supplied DVD. 


  • Попълнете формуляра по-долу, за да кандидатствате за ОНЛАЙН КРЕДИТ.
  • Финансирането е валидно за стоки над 150 лв. (до 12 000 лв.)



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