Педал за барабани PEARL P-2050C/F

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Педал за барабани PEARL P-2050C/F
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  • Extremely comfortable to play with a light and smooth action.
  • Drum pedal that you can fold and transport easily
  • Eliminator Redline LT has the ability to fold down the pedal without changing the spring tension/beater angle or removing the beater.
  • Interchangeable Cam System: Quickly changes the power and feel of the pedal to suit your individual playing needs. Provides a choice of 6 different color-coded cams (4 included and 2 more optional).
  • NiNjA Bearing: Developed by skateboarding engineers for the ultimate in fast, quiet performance, NiNjA Bearings incorporate state-of-the-art micro-polished steel balls for incredibly fast and smooth performance.
  • Uni-Lock Beater Angle Cam: Grips the axle a full 360 degrees and allows infinite beater angle adjustments. Features the Floating Spring Pendulum design that is perfectly centered on the clamp for full bearing movement and maximum smoothness.
  • Control Core Quadbeater: With a reduced profile, Pearl’s improved QuadBeater provides the same four beater surfaces of the original (two hard plastic, two felt) but with the added feel and power of the Control Core elastomer center to eliminate vibration.


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